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    Best Race Setup??

    Hey guys... I've gpt am 06 1300R.... I do closed Course racing and need info on the best setup.... Right now I've got....EFI, Free Flow, D- PLate, Jet Works, Intake, and Drop Nozzle Kit.... I think Im more intersted in acceleration, but I don't wanna lose too much of my top end either.... What would be the best way to go from where I stand right now??? Any help is greatly appreciated... THANX!!!

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    Check out the myspace link on my signature for my sonic boom throttle body mod. Adds a real punch to the midrange along with top rpm gains.

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    I have an 06.

    I raced last year with stock motor, DF 14/20, Jims FF plate, shimmed tabs, 87mm nozzle, EFI, PPK, 1200 grate, dplate, and carbon tech reeds in stock class.

    This year I will be running Jims milled head, 14/20, Jims FF plate shimmed down a bit, EFI, Jetworks, 85mm nozzle, Riva dplate, Carbon tech reeds, Dannys sponsons, 4* key, 1200 grate, ppk, R&D tabs, Riva seat. Not sure what class yet, gotta check the book. I am tossing around running SC or CC. If I run SC, I will push my plate up and look into a steeper screw.
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    Call up rius racing. Nobody out there is better with making gprs pull your arms out!! NOBODY!!

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    I posted some ideas on race set-ups in this thread

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    You are going to have to figure out which class that you are going to be riding in first. That will determine/limit you to what mods you can make.

    Then you go from there.

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