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    Calling All TV experts

    Alright so i got a phone call from home and apparently the bulb on our rear projection dlp tv went out. The model is Toshiba 62"MX195.

    They looked in the manual and it says that with the combination of the flashing lights that are flashing on the front of the tv it means that the bulb is out.

    So here are my questions

    Can i order the bulb online?

    Can i change it myself or do i need to call a tv repair guy?

    I heard there are such things as LED replacement bulbs that are way better and last a lot longer should i look for one of these or just get original equipment?

    Is there any good TV websites/forums out there that might be able to help me out?

    I did a search and apparently this a abundant problem with this TV.

    Any help or input is highley appreaciated thank you!!

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    you should be able to do it.../. generally there is a cartirdge style tray that slides out for replacement of the bulb. shouldn't be that hard.

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    You can buy a new one here...

    an you can replace it yourself also....Unless you got the Tv with a service contract that is still valid, it should then get replaced under that...

    As for LED, I think they require a different setup to work. I kow they JUSt started carrying them a month ago when i got my DL unit...

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    should be a panel on the back that you can remove, then should be a couple of screws that hold the bulb in place unplug and pull out, then the bulb part number is somewhere on there, type it in google and see what you come up with should be about 200-350

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    Alright thanks guys ill get one of these ordered up.

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    i work on a lot of different stuff at work from whole house generators to stoves etc... i said that to say this my buddy had his plasma tv worked on under contract and i tell you what WOW... what a mess. The tv guy said he and his coworkers hate them because they are so hard to work on.

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