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    Battery & Starter Relay Troubleshooting

    You will need a voltmeter and 2 alligator leads for testing. Connect the alligator leads to the volt meter leads.

    Tie wrap your throttle lever at WOT (flood mode).

    To Check cranking voltage: connect both leads to battery, assuming it reads 12.50 volts. With the lanyard connected crank the motor, The cranking voltage should read around 10.50 volts. I donít know what the lowest reading should be. Probably any reading below 9.50 cranking volts your battery is bad or on its way out.

    If the start button is depressed and you hear a click, most likely your switch is good. Check the relay.

    Starter Relay:
    Find the starter relay (brown in color) left of the MPEM.
    Connect the ground (black) of the voltmeter to the battery ground, Connect the red voltmeter lead to the top red wire (or connection) on the starter relay.
    Connect the lanyard depress the start button.
    If you get a click with little or no voltage reading connect the red voltmeter lead to the bottom red wire. You should have 12 volts present at this connection all the time. If you donít then your check your connections, otherwise your cable going to the battery is defective.
    If you have 12 volts on the bottom connection and no voltage on the top connection when the start button is depressed your starter relay is bad or intermittent.
    I connected to the primary side connector coming from the switch, there is 12 volts present when then the lanyard is connected. In a normal application like on a car you wouldnít see any voltage on the primary side until the key is turned. Weird

    Checking the primary side of the starter relay with an ohmmeter should read around 5 ohms. This only needs to be checked if the fuse is ok and your not getting any kind of results when the start button is depressed. If your getting 0 ohms or an open reading your relay is defective.

    If your trouble is intermittent you will have to keep testing it until it fails or replace the relay with a new one to see if the problem is fixed.

    Hope this helps!
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    Wow, Great info....Thanks....

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    You can also get one of these

    Universal monitor.

    I have the light right next to the lanyard. So if it's green I know the battery is good. Usually when you crank, it will go red then green. If I see amber when I'm riding I know my battery is dying so I need to turn off my accessories and get to the dock.

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    bump for technical section move ?

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