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    Food: this is why I can`t seem to lose weight!

    My wife got a new slow cooker/crock pot for Christmas.
    now I`m suffering, I feel laziness, bloated, can`t get off the couch or the computer, farting all day long , what`s wrong with me???

    for those that know slow cooking, this is a pic of Ribs with a pork loin that becomes "pulled pork" and man -o- man was it delicious.

    now she cooks all the time, less going out, but I`m getting fatter instead of lossing weight, the total gym does nothing, I think it`s broke ...
    The misses just made some smokin` chili, and now my sphincter is in dire pain...PR...
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    Ridin' the Rancocas 04RXP22's Avatar
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    I know how to help you.

    I will take a ride down there and eat up most of that goodness for you.

    Looks great by the way.

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    MMMMMM looks delicious.

    My wifey makes some kick ass pulled pork too.

    PR, I'm always looking for kick a.. chili...can you post the receipe?

    The best chili i have ever had was from my buddies mom whom lives in East Setauket, Long Island. She shared the receipe with us years ago, we lost it, and she now seems to have developed partial amnesia (maybe because she wants her son to come out more often )

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    LOL, anytime Tim, jsut make sure you have your butler outfit with you , only kidding!... Hopefully we can get a picnic going over at crowley`s this summer!...

    earth: I`ll see if i can squeek the recipe out of her ...PR...

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    Pulled pork?... never heard of it. Wait... isn't that what my Momma said would make me go blind

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    Quote Originally Posted by 05Limited View Post
    Pulled pork?... never heard of it. Wait... isn't that what my Momma said would make me go blind

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    Instead of baby-back ribs try country style...oh yeah. I turned the mrs on to them a coupla days ago...she liked.

    Doing a white chili in the crock-pot this afternoon for the games...mmmmm.

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    The Only way to lose weight and be healthy is to avoid red meat and eat Tuna and chicken (Not Fried) and
    Consume well under the allowed 65-80 Grams of total fat.
    Consume well under the 20 -25 grams of Saturated fat.
    Consume well under the 300 MG of cholesterol.
    Consume well under the 2,400 MG of sodium. (This is the hardest to do because if you look at packages like I do its almost impossible unless you check the package on Everything you buy).
    Those ribs look GREAT but their full of Fat, Sodium in the sauce and cholesterol.
    Diets don,t work- Life style changes DO- and it,s all wriiten on each box of food we buy. Consume about HALF the daily limits of the above and eat a good amount of Salad, Vegetables, Fruit, and grains and give up smoking and caffeine and do a 30 minute aerobic workout every day and you will lose lots of weight and prolong your life for years.
    Now PLEASE pass me Dem Ribs!!!

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    The pulled pork looks good, can I get the recipe, I need more recipes for my slow cooker.

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    Better watch out Andy. I know where you live. I get some of Terri's Vittles.

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