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    Cleaning my Polaris SLXH

    I finally got the ski in the garage after a long night of sex and driving. My first focus is getting the hull cleaned as best as I can. I don't have any boat shops around where I live so I'm stuck with using general household items to clean up the mess. Any recommendations?

    It looks as though the previous owner poured some antifreeze inside the hull (which has mixed with oil, AND water, forming a thick slushy mess) to control freezing in the winter. I'm looking for the best way to handle this mess, since much of the mess is stuck in the plastic sections of the bottom of the hull, which stop the flow of water to the drain plug even if I tilt the ski all the way up...maybe I need to find a steeper hill?

    Would it be okay if I tilt the ski back and squirt water into the hull and let it flow to the back? Since I don't have direct access to hull cleaner, are there any good household alternatives?

    Take a look at the pictures to see what I'm dealing with...
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    I'd try a degreaser(like simple orange),possibly an engine degreaser. Get a shop vac to remove the water in small areas that don't drain. You could have 2-3 inches of water without hurting anything,keep craft tilted so front cover of engine doesn't get submurged(has ignition system component in it,should be water tight,BUT?)
    I have used "Tilex" to clean my hull,kills mold/grime. Made for Fiberglass tubs/showers?

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    Putting some strong degreaser (water soluble, of course) or general purpose strong cleaner in there, then towing it around (drain plug in) to slosh it back and forth (don't drive crazy like, just some gentle ride motion will do it) should help. Let it sit a little, then tilt it up, hose and drain, and see what remains.

    Keep the nose tipped up and the drain plug out when spraying volumes of water into the hull.

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    Tilt the ski up and spray it with water to wash out the big stuff. Then try getting a little dish soap that removes grease (Palmolive) inside of it and use a rag. For more stubborn stuff, engine degreaser will work. Just don't fill the hull up enough for water to get into any part of the engine. 2-3" of water inside the hull shouldn't hurt anything. As mentioned before, use the shop vac for the water that won't come out.

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    I use extreme simple green cause it's the only stuff that's ok to get on electrical components...can spray it everywhere and on everything! If electrical stuff is not an issue when spraying, then 409 works great.

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    I realize this is an older thread but for what it's worth (and I haven't done it with a PWC) but in a boat I'll use a bilge cleaner then throw in a bag of ice to act as an agetator while driving around a bit with the boat on the trailer. Ice melts, pull the plugs, wipe it up a bit.

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    Good idea

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