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Thread: End of an era?

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    End of an era?

    Hello all.

    I've been riding for about 15 years. Im looking into getting back into riding after a hiatus of riding. Skis are becomming more expensive, and heavier every year. LOL, you can ALMOST buy a new car for the price of the top of the line ski.

    My last ski was a 1200GPR, and with this year being the last year for the GPR I'm looking into getting an '08. I'm looking to tinker with it with go fast parts. Will the end of the GPR mean the end of aftermarket supprt for it?

    Is this the death of 2 strokes? Will the light, fast, easy to work on "affordable" ski pretty much dead? Its a damn shame though. I miss the fun, lighter skis such as the x-4 hulled 800 motor Sea-Doo and to a lesser extend the GP. It seems like the industry is headed for the expensive, heavy, complicated, FAST skis. I guess I just wish there were other options for new skis (like the XP800s, GPs, waveblasters, etc)

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    The end of new 2 strokes being sold will certainly not mean the end of aftermarket parts for them. Just look at skis like wavebalsters, GP1200's and other skis that are not made anymore and you will still find an abundance of aftermarket parts for them.

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