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    Next dilema, I know I'm a PITA~~~~

    But, how big a NO NO would it be to ride a few hours over the 10 hr. oil change???

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    is your maint light on? I don`t think you`ll have a prob. I have been told that when re-setting the maint light, the tech`s re-set the ecu as well. that will give ya the full potntial of your ski. It wouldn`t hurt to call and ask the dealer...PR...

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    Hell no!!!Get it serviced soon though...

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    No real biggy especially if you aren't ridding it too hard and it is an hour or two. The don't expect you to hit the kill switch in the middle of the lake when the 10 point hits Remember, these engines are still loosening up and breaking in well past the 10 hour point so don't immediately strap the throttle down at WOT for miles on end.

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