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    Talk about last minute changes!! hahaha

    it's 1:50 am...... i am leaving my house 6am for the hudson river trip.

    i went outside at 11pm and started and finished the following

    skegs are on there, and i have a floor jack and piece of wood across jacked up against the skegs to keep em squished against there over night... hopefully they dry enough! if they aren't on there rock solid before i launch, i'll knock them off so i don't lose them on the ride

    boost gauge and mirrors and wires are all done and working ( it reads -.05 psi with the ski off ) and wired using electrical tape and aligator clips as my ON/OFF switch

    changed props

    cleaned the ski in the dark

    and rigged a emergency bilge pump since my ski is taking on a LITTLE water... wire leads taped to another set of aligator clips and a heater hose clamped on it... put it in my front storage so all i gotta do is drop it in the hull, clip the battery, and she pumps

    god... i'm very disappointed in myself, very unprofessional, but i swear it's all functional! wish us luck tomorrow... we'll post lots of pics, hopefully none of people getting towed or partially sinking

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    alligator clips....


    I've got my stuff working with lanyard on and put a lighted switch next to the lanyar. I used a 30A auto relay from radio shack. Turns all my accessories on with lanyard and then off after 10seconds I pull the lanyard. When the lanyard is plugged up it directs all my accessories to run straight off the batter with fuses inline instead of running through the seadoo fuse box. Let me know if you decent at wiring and I can post a how to. Only rig is a fust holder on the 3A which is the bilge pump in top right fuse box then you have to cut a hole in the top of the fuse holder and have the wire come out of it then put some goop on the wire hole coming out of the fuse box top.

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    Steve My gauge did the same thing. But it will all change when you start her up.
    I read your other post and man ya'll suck. I wish I could ride with some friends like that.


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