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    Need help with 150 purchase

    Hello, this looks like a great forum. I am a newbie and hope to get some help.

    I was hoping to get some help with the items below so I can put together the best package when I purchase the boat. All assistance is greatly appreciated.

    I am looking to buy a 2008 150 Speedster with a 215 hp engine and a wake tower.

    I havenít started negotiations yet but I was quoted an initial price of $19,999 with the wake tower. The wake tower costs $2,200. Any idea what a fair price should be?

    Also I have looked thru the forums there looks to be several mods that should be made to a new boat before putting it in the water. Are the same problems with the 2007 carrying over to the 2008 model? What mods should be made to a 2008 model?

    What does the 10hr service cost?

    What accessories should I get right away?


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    I was also thinking of the wake tower when I bought mine. I'm so glad I didn't cause I seen one here in my area and that thing is just way to bulky.

    I like not having it cause I fit under really low bridges and nothing to get in the way.

    On the other hand if your gonna wake board then I guess it would be good but if your just gonna water ski and tube you don't need that wake tower.

    It really gets in the way on that small boat.

    You can get the sea doo bimini if you want shade.

    Also find out if the 2008 models have ceramic clutch washers on the supercharger? If so u will need to change them to metal washers before you use the boat.

    That price seems a little high to me. You can do better on that price for sure.

    As far as accessories go just make sure you get the safety gear first:

    1. Life Jackets
    2. Hand Held Air Horn
    3. Fire extinguisher
    4. Anchor
    5. First Aid Kit
    6. Dock Line
    7. Bumpers
    Just to name a few....

    10 Hr. service price varies from dealer to dealer. Personly I let know one touch my ride. You can do the service yourself it's easy just purchase a shop manual.

    Hope This Helps
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    my cousin has one w/o the tower on it. he looked at one with it and said if you're about 6ft tall you'll hit your head on when driving

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    Yah, I got a tower. Wanted one bad. Not a wakeboarder. Afterward learnt the 150 is terrible for wakeboarding anyway. Tower is bulky, difficult for garage storage. Expensive. I thought it made the boat look better, but it impeeds getting in and out at the dock side.

    If I had to do it over and there was a boat avail w/o tower for cheaper I'd go that route. Of course hindsight is 20/20. ymmv

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    Guys this is great info.

    Any idea how much discount I should expect on the price of the boat?

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    Last year I would have said you'd be doing good to get it at $17K (before tax, no tower), but with the crashing dollar, especially in relation to the CD dollar, I'm surprised they can still be had for under $20K US. Now, consider it a steal if you can get it at $17K.

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    To get an idea on prices, check
    Do a boat search, type in SEA DOO, 2008-2008, put in 14 to 16 for length to get the speedsters to pop up. You can type in zip code and distance or just zip code with anywhere to see how prices vary throughout the country. The cheapest 215hp on there is for $17000 in NC.

    As far as the tower goes, I wakeboard a lot and don't have the tower, but the Sportster is as lousy a boat for wakeboarding as you can get besides a PWC. In my opinion, the tower just isn't worth it. You're not going to get great air. I just use the pylon. It'd easy to go wake to wake, and you can do all your surface tricks as well as wake to wake 180s and such, but you're just not going to get that high w/ or w/out the tower. If you want great air with this boat - get a Sky Ski or Air Chair. That's what I did. That'll run you less than $2000, and you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of it.

    Oh yeah, and bimini tops can be had on ebay for $500, so think about that when you buy your boat and how much the dealer charges. Also really think about if you'll use it much or want it. It depends on where and how you're going to use the boat.
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    The boattraderonline had some good info.

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    Next week I will be picking my new 2007 150 with a 155hp engine w/o tower but with a galvanized trailer for 15.1K OTD. I fill like I got a good deal but either way I can’t wait to get it out ont water. I have had two jet ski’s the last on being a Seadoo RXT so this will be quit a change for me and the kids.

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    Is a boat that is as small as a Speedster even worth it to try and get the advantages that a tower offers the full size tow-boat'er? I'd think it would just mush up the handling by pulling the bow up but not actually cause the speedster to dig in much... (still not resulting in much wake.)


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