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    Need some Advice (150 Speedster)

    Hello I am very happy I have found this Forum. After reading a lot I have a few Questions. I am in Atlanta just came from the Boat show I am “thinking” about a SeaDoo Sport Boat. There is a Dealer here that has a (DEMO) 06 Sea Doo 150 Speedster Fully loaded, Tower Bimini Top, Galvanized Trailer Carpet etc….. 45 Hours. They are asking 14.8k OTD. One of my Questions is I do have 07 and 06 Kawasaki’s PWC’s. (STX 12 and 15F) how does this boat compare to the power and the “Fun Factor” to the PWC? This would be used mostly on the lake and sometimes down in FLA with me and the wife and maybe another couple from time to time. Last thing would 45 Hours on a boat be about the same as 5,000-6,000 miles on a Car or more then that?

    Thanks for the Input!

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    Fun factor is very different on a boat when compared to on a PWC.

    On a PWC you got manoeuvrability, speed, excitment, jumps, and you are most of the time always running at WOT, or it is mainly an ON-OFF throttle situation.

    On a boat it's totally different it's more convivial and family related, you beach it, you swim, you cruise at mid throttle speeds while listening to the music, you stop it to rest and enjoy the life, then somtimes you makes some speed blast (sort of....because they are definitely slower than a PWC), and you also enjoy watersports (towables like waterskiing, tube, wake, etc...)

    So if your into big thrills like on PWC might like the boating experience less....

    Now 45 hours on a either a very long riding season or 2 very short it a lot...? Surely own 2005 C180 has already reached the 120 hours mark....and it still runs like a brand new one.
    The 4strokes are much more reliables than the old 2 strokes were.

    Hope that helps you out...
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    And from the other side of the fence! I drive mine like I stole it! The 150 is the closest thing you can have to a jet ski. The only thing I don't do is stuff it like I used to with my Ski. I run against Skis up a river all the time jumping other wake boats wakes (from a safe distance) and spinning in to the curves twice last year I had the Ski guys come up to me at the dock asking what the heck it had for power.

    Of course this is all done in a safe manner with regard to all navigation markers, Rules of the road and others personal property and saftey! I'm a boater first and a thrillseeker second.

    No it's not a Ski but I make sure I come back with a grin, I was looking at another brand and did my hull knock test without a doubt I would of busted that brand it would of been full of stress cracks and worse. The 150 is like a rock it has a very strong hull that so far I have not been able to break!

    Best of luck with your choice

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    Found a 05 Sportster

    It turns out I did find a 2005 Sportster 4-Tec 155hp. Couple of Questions. Where can I find a Good GPS unit that will show the true speed that wont cost a arm and a keg oops I mean leg lol. Also what type of upgrades can I do to get a little bit more speed from the boat after the warranty is up this April?

    Thanks for the Ideas


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    The 155HP is very limited in term of mods you can do to make it faster, most probably the pump impeller for a Solas one...and a cold air intake...for the rest you can not go quite farther in mods.

    Any GPS handheld could give you a pretty accurate speed reading.

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    i don't really think that 155 HP is enough to power that boat. I think that 215 HP would be sufficient. My 18 foot Challenger 1800 has two 110 HP 787 two-stroke engines and it runs 50 on the GPS.

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    Trust me The 155HP makes my 06 Sportster Hull azz....

    My top speed is 49 MPH. When your wide open throttle in this boat you are flying.

    I'm glad I stayed away from the super charger it's just more gas more maintenance.

    But thats just my 2 cents

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