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    Hydroport and flushing

    does anyone using the hydroport 2 have any trouble getting to the fluishing mount???

    is it easy enough to reach? the hydroport doesn't seem to have enough space to walk around the back like some of them do

    i am getting an rxt and rxp next week and the docks are on order...

    hydroport mentions that the skis can roll of the back easily... does this happen when you flushing

    thanks...i just want to make sure i get a dock that will work well

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    go to the dealer and they have an OEM seadoo flush kit that you can install in the engine compartment... VERY cheap.

    it's standard on the Limited edition models, but u can buy it and install it on any ski so u can flush it easier for people like urself that use flaoting docks. it has a built it quick connect and clamps and a T and the small piece of hose to connect.

    if u have no such luck finding what i'm talking about, i'll post more about it tomorrow night, i'm sure someone on the board can give u more info if ur confused and i don't answer at all tomorrow.

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