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    Screwed on shipping!!

    I have been shipping parts to members on a guess basis and I keep getting hosed? so I went to and did the whole price thing and had a price of 12.14 just what I guessed! so I go to POST NET and give her the quote well she happily charges me twice the price! I asked WTF she pathetically states that they must have raised their rates!! I reply in the last 10 minutes? she said well we do charge a little like what 100 percent? ass wipes it was boxed and ready to roll next time it's going to the approved UPS drop point POST NET SUCKSSSSSSSSS ok I'm good again! Thanks Z

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    Why not open up your own UPS account online? I calculate shipping, print labels, and schedule a pick-up.

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    Thanks! I might just do that! I receive tons but hardly ship and usually when I ship it is to a buddy so I want it to go ups with insurance I just was in the dark until today! Z

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    It's been my experience that the USPS is the cheapest way to ship. They will ship up to 75 lbs.

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    I hear ya but USPS's tracking is a joke! I just need to go to UPS to drop off the package

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    I solely use USPS because it's half the price and gets there much faster! I have never had any problems with the USPS tracking system...fingers crossed! I also have never had a package lost/damaged by them either...I can't say that about UPS or DHL! Now I know the USPS isn't perfect but for me, they have simply been better.

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    never had a package damaged , never had a package delayed and never a lost package ,

    even tho john zigler will back me up ups lost the bolt he sent me , he sent me tracking numbers to prove it ,

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    Depends what you you're sending as far as weight. Heavier stuff goes UPS. Lighter stuff usually goes USPS. If I can use a flat rate box for $8, that works out good.

    How's this for screwed on shipping? Engine, triples, carbs and elec. box shipped from Texas to Ohio in some custom box that has a pallet built into the bottom. $600!!!!!!

    The box (65 lbs. empty) with all parts weighed 298 lbs. Anything over 150 lbs required a lift gate truck. (extra $100) then he wanted to C.O.D. (another $60). OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I won't use UPS for anything anymore unless requested.
    USPS has never lost or damaged a package in the few months I've been using them. You want a tracking number, you can ask for one, cost is minimal.
    The larger stuff I run through Roadway, I sent an engine assembly to the East for 75 bucks, my quote from UPS was 163.
    USPS will also ship the Aus. New Zealand etc. for less than 1/4 of UPS and it gets there FAST.
    US to Australia 4-5 days UPS is 14+ days. 22 dollars versus 110.
    I hate to say it but UPS lost my business.

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