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    I want to take my ski out on the water this weekend ( 05 rxp ) but it is going to be in the mid 20's next week and i have to store my ski outside. so if i take it out then store it till next weekend do i have to worry about the intercooler or any thing else freezing. any imput would be apreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    At those temps I would antifreeze the intercooler to be safe.

    I made a hose to connect to the flush connection beside the pump. I use a water type fire extinguisher and put the antifreeze in it and connect it to the hose. Start the ski and start discharging the extinguisher. This puts antifreeze through the IC and exhaust. This has worked well for me. Any type of pressurized can will work, I just had easy access to the extinguisher.

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    Sorry to hear that. I love the south in the 80's this weekend.

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    not really sure what weather forcast ur looking at but from lake only gets down to 40 then back up to around 60 during the day. Just thought I would let ya know, maybe the forcast changed for the better.

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