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    Ultra LX or Seadoo GTi SE 155?'s come down to price on a new ski for '08. These are both best deal around $10,500 OTD w/ trailer. I know the LX is longer & heavier, with a better rough water ride & handling. I'll be doing most of my riding in bay/sea conditions, with 2-3 up & towing ski's & tow toys.
    My only need to know now is speed issues. WHICH IS FASTER 0-30 & top speed? Which has better after-market support?

    Thanks for any data that can be provided. These forums have been invaluable!

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    i posted this in the other thread you started... i'll post it here for you as well... it's definitely worth a looksie if you want a good performing machine and not just an underpowered large machine

    Quote Originally Posted by shibby1485
    STX - 15F

    it's the best bang for the buck in the industry this year since kawasaki lowered the price on 2007 it was $9499 or something like that... they dropped it to 8100!!!!!

    it'll be faster than a GTI SE and Ultra LX, it will handle better.... for a MSRP or 8100 it's IMPOSSIBLE to beat its performance for the dollar with 1500 cc 160HP

    and that's advice coming from a biased Seadoo person

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