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    You may need to seek some help if....

    You do this....

    Read the news clip from my homepage

    SALISBURY, Md.(AP) A 20-year-old was found by a Wal-Mart employee in the bathroom Sunday night after he sat down and was glued to the toilet seat.

    The man, whose name was not released by police, was taken to the hospital late Sunday night, said Lt. Cheryl Rantz of the Salisbury Police Department.

    "The man had gone into the bathroom and sat down," she said. "He was banging on the wall when the employee came in."

    Rantz said the man was treated and released.

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    That had to be shibby the meat spinner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theantiRXP
    That had to be shibby the meat spinner.


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    any glue that dries slow enough for it to be applied to the toilet seat and him not know about it would not dry in the amount of time that he spent sitting there unless he had some real problems. There was a guy that claimed that it happened to him at Home Depot and tried to sue them, it was proven that he did it himself to attempt to sue. The glue used in that case was super glue, doesn't that stuff dry in like 15 seconds?

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