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    What size 4 wheeler to launch

    Looking for a cheap 4 wheeler to launch my ski, I have a boat ramp and was wondering about a cheap 4wheeler to lauch my ski on my personal boat ramp without having to use a truck, any one have any ideas? What cc and what I should need to hook the trailer up without using my truck... any ideas?

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    If thats the only thing you are going to use it for, just about any basic 250cc model should be more than adaquate.

    My 1st ATV was a 85 TRX250 that I got sometime around 2003 ,and even after years of abuse it was able to move MUCH heavier loads with little effort thanks to low gearing.

    Just because we were bored, I tied the atv to my buddies 4x4 toyota pickup ,and dragged it all over the field we were riding in that day with no trouble at all.

    Of course the truck was in neautral.
    If you want a new machine that will get the job done ,but you can still ride ,and have some fun on, I would reccomend Hondas new Rancher 420 EFI.

    Its a lot of atv for the money.
    I bought a new 07 a year ago ,and it has been awsome.
    2wd should be more than adaquate for getting the ski up the ramp ,and Rancher 2wd,s go for less than 5k.

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    Try to find a Honda RECON...I use to have one and it would be perfect for this. The recon is 250cc with automatic shift/reverse and has a spot for a hitch

    I paid $3,200 new but you could find a used one for $1,500-$2,000

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    I would recomend a 4x4. Engine size really doesn't matter. they will all spin the tires before the engine stalls out from the load. But having 4 wheels pulling on a slippery ramp is better than 2.

    I have a kawi prairie 650. I think I could pull my 18' boat out with it. I had a honda 300 4x4 and it was a little beast too.

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    2001 and up Sportsman 500. Best 4x4 quad I've ever ridden. Interestingly, my 2000 is much harder to steer, but tows just fine. I've pulled a double trailer with an Ultra and a GPRXP around with it a few times.

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    I have a 2003 650 Prarrie 4X4 (Kawasaki) that I use. You probably don't need one that big or 4X4. I bought that one new in 03 and almost sold it a couple years ago because I never rode it. It stays hooked to the ski all summer now. I have a 3 seater ski and it pulls it very easily.


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    I use a trx 300 4x4 on white sand beach if you have a ramp a 250 recon would be plenty, honda on honda, Matt

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    Ranger 700 EFI Handled the double with ease. Checkout the sticker on the rear view mirror
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    I have an 02 Polaris Sportsman 500-HO I bought it brandy knew.Its had nothing but fresh synthetic in it(After break in).I pulled a 87 jag on a 20ft tandom trailor out of my back yard.I did use 4wheel drive,but didnt need the granny gear.Its been a great all round performer,with a plush ride for the wife unit.

    P.S. A good used 350-400 polaris 4-wheel drive would do just fine,and can be found in the 1800-2300 dollor range,if you shop around a bit
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    Honda ATV is the way to go no doubt.. All the other guys talkin bout these kawi and polaris are all 2000 model up.. U see that old 198? model trx250 was still pullin the load and its almost 20 years old!! That should tell you right there who the leader in the ATV industry is there. If i was buying a ATV today it would be a 420 4x4. They fuel injected so no more cold natured w/ auto choke and plus its only got a quarter less hp than a 500 foreman so its gotta be the best bike for your buck.. Check out for the best price.

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