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    ultra cool couch 180

    Whats the deal w/ seems like its pretty hard to do w/ it? Opas messing me up?

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    Really easy, look in the video section Mike Trin posted a vid about how to spin out a rxp.

    Just get it going back and forth turn it all the way and gun it. It will spin out very easily after you get used to doing it

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    That's sarcastic, isn't it?

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    you dont know its hard for me being 140 lbs i geuss i should uh practice

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    The trick is in the rocking of it. Just turn one direction and then gun it the other. I can do it on the RXT so you shouldn't have a problem on the RXP.

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    If you still have opas,,,do alot of french andwrist curls.

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