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Thread: Neglect

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    Has anyone seen a GPR in worse condition than this one?
    More photos here;
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    Gross man...

    ... how did that happen?

    like with any of the pictures

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    Good Lord that may be the worst I have seen.

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    New SBT motor?

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    you win.

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    Mike you did say you run it to some trouble but what did you do there.

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    It's not mine but I am rebuilding it. Can't let it go to waste!

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    What the heck happened to that thing. That IS gross.

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    The story is; the GPR belongs to a friend of mine that I grew up with. He lives on a tidal river with no road access. So slipping is a bit of a chore as the waters edge is all sea wall. There is a pontoon and a gangway down to it. All the scratches are from being tethered to the pontoon with tinnies and other boats Even though it's a 4 knot no wake zone, boaties love to ignore that fact hence anything you own there gets beat up.
    The trouble started when the ski was tethered on the back of the pontoon for some stupid reason and a king high tide came through which forced the gangway down on the ski pushing it under the water. Not knowing how to get it started he waited for the insurance assessor to come and see a few weeks later, but the insurance assessor said "you don't look after that thing were not paying" so it went of to his mechanics place then sat there for 2 years with sea water still in the motor.
    The mechanic had quoted him 6.5k to fix it at the time so he didn't go ahead with it.
    I went back to visit after the 2 years and he saw my big bore go, he told me of his ski, so I suggested I fix it up like mine and would probably spend the same coin as quoted by the mechanic. He preferred this idea rather than spending all that coin just to get a stock ski back.
    So here it is at my place, I had no idea how bad it was but it's a challenge.
    My friend is not getting it back until he buys a jetdoc!

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    Thats the biggest mess I have ever seen. It would be cheaper in my opinion to just get another. Your going to be fighting gremlins forever.

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