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    Blown Engine, Rebuilding Now, Please help

    If you rememebr me, I bought a 2001 XL800 that the rear oil line came off, put it back on, but the psi difference was 120/90. Still ran good all last summer till the end when something really went wrong. Well finally tore it down and the piston skirt broke off, knocking 2 holes in the cases, bummer . Ski has 80 hours on it.

    SO now I need advice on rebuilding it.

    1) I guess I should buy a new short block if they have them,

    2) New rear cylinder, pistion, rings bearing, gaskets, etc...

    3) might as well put new rings on the front cyl.

    4) Question: should still rely on the oil pumping system or now go with pre mix?? and do I have to fix the low level oil alarm if I do???

    5) If I use the oil system, I have those SS clamps to replace the zip ties.

    Thanks all for any advice you can send my way.

    Havana Bama
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    you can buy a rebuilt short block from sbt way cheaper than building yourself.... also no oil pump means that you can only be responsible if the mix is not right . so heck yeah chunk the oil pump it is one less thing that could go wrong.

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    Thanks superfreak, who is sbt? Ah I google and found them, cool.

    Also i took the cases apart...why couldn't I get the hole in the case welded (that apparently blew out from ignition in the lower case from the piston skirt being broken and allowing spark to make down there) and clean it all up and put it back together, what is the fatal flaw there?? I believe the crank is fine.

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