Finally got to see the new 08's in person and I must say they are better looking in person compared to what you see in pics. The grey looked somewhat flat in the pics on the BRP site, but it actually much more metallic then I had thought. Couldn't spend much time with seat off to look around in the hull as a lot of people were wanting to sit on it and such. Love the feel of the new seat and finger throttle.
Not much more I can really add that hasn't been already discussed here, but all I can say is can't wait to get one!
Had a chance to check out the Yammi display. The FX SHO is a nice ski but the seat is to restrictive and uncomfortable for my liking., Also the front end just looks odd to me.
Honda had a Turbo FX-15 there. Is it just me or is it the most ugly ski on the market, if not ever? I'd prefer an old SPX over that whale.