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    How to Check Impeller Pitch With Pitch Guage

    I just bought a Watcon impeller pitch guage but I don't completely understand the instructions that come with the pitch guage. It says: "Find the line on the guage that aligns with the center of the impeller blade at the very end."

    What does this sentence exactly mean? Does it mean that the line has to be aligned to the tip of the trailing edge and go along the middle of the blade if you look at it from the side of the impeller? Until what part of the blade should the line be in the middle of the blade?



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    I don`t understand it either.

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    Impeller Pitch Guage

    This is not a watcon below, but I think it means to find the line (pitch) that meets the same as the pitch of your impeller. The end of the blade is the outer edge.
    The line must be in the Center of the impeller outer edge.

    For example: the leading edge on this raider prop is 14.

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    What RX951 said...I'm still waiting for my Watcon, but I'm not sure if they are refering to the trailing edge or leading edge?
    Judging by the pic it looks like you measure it the same way as RX951's pic.

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    That's what I figured but the instruction still sucks, they need to reword it. Thanks for the help!


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