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Thread: Cavitation help

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    Cavitation help

    I have a 04 gtx supercharged doo. When stopped and punch the throttle it cavitates badly, the ski moves very slowly and makes a throbbing sound. I have noticed a tremendous loss of power all throughout the powerband. I checked out my wear ring and it has grooves in it(many grooves, some deep). The grooves are very similar to the one deep groove in the last picture of this post- , but i have many more. I'm not familiar with how badly gaps in the wear ring can affect your performance. The impeller looks to be in good shape, the edges are all straight and undamaged. Can someone tell me if the wear ring can affect the performance this much by just having grooves in it?
    If it helps i can take pictures.

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    Yes. The wear ring can cause this. Pretty simple to put in a new one. There are detailed instructions in the technical section. New wear ring is around $45.00 or a stainless wear ring will run you $250 or so.

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    thanks, i'm going to order a ring and try the freezer method.

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    Check out this same topic down the page

    I'll be able to input from personal experience after this weekend, but everyone seems to agree that a worn wear ring will hurt performance badly.

    Bad cavitation can also be caused by the pump seal being installed incorrectly. This is the seal between the pump and Hull. Here are pictures of the ring I just replaced. Remember this one is just barely at the spec that seadoo says to replace. If yours is worse you will see major losses.
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    I bought a ring from the dealer today, and i pulled the pump assembly and its in the freezer right now. Do i put rtv sealant on the pump housing where it seals with the hull? because when i took it off there was no rtv sealant or gasket where they meet. and judging from the pictures above my wear ring is fawked...i have about 10 of those grooves and little craters in it.

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    Don't use any rtv or silicone or anything. I just use blue loctight on all of the bolts. I do clean up that large rubber seal and give it a light coating of grease, but that it is.

    Remember to let the pump get back to room temp before you torque it back into the sea doo

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    Thanks, someone on another board said to rtv it but i guess not. I had it in the freezer for 1 hour, tried to get it out with vice grips, flatheads, muscle, nothing worked. so im going to let it sit in the freezer until i get off work tonight at 10, then i'll attempt it again. any tricks i need to know to remove it?

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    is your pump housing plastic or metal?

    try twisting it around in circles as you try to pull the wear ring out...

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    I attach two vice grips to it opposite of each other on the lip of the wear ring. Put a blanket under the pump then lift it up with the both vice gripls then give it a yank and the pump will fall on the blanket or the wear ring will come half way out.

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    Mine took a little bit of working but it came out. When everything was cold from the freezer there was no more clearance between the plastic and the prop, so it will be a bit tough at first, but it will come out.

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