Hello all, First post. I read the threads about the SHO and may have found my answer. I have 300 hours on my 2001 GP and XL 800's. They just keep running! I had a 1996 SeaDoo before so I really cannot compare brands. The SHO write up sounds impressive. We pull tubers behinds the XL (and in the chop like the comfort) and we absolutely love the fun of the GP hull. A neighbor has the FX Cruiser (big machine) and my kids hate it--"they" say it's boring to ride.

So, I'm looking for comfort, towing abilities and nimbleness in the hull (fuel economy would be good too). Is the SHO or the RTX the best two options? Are there others?

With your help, I'm off the the Saint Louis and Miami Boat Shows next month to make a deal.

Thank you!! --Jeff