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    Help with Repair

    Hi, I have a 2006 RXP.. I hit into a rock pulling off my dock...The hull has a minor dent(size of a quater) more toward the back of the ski..The black totally chipped off. I think i may have dented the gell coat not sure. The black exterior has totally chipped off where I hit the rock. Very small crack

    I was told I can seal it up so no more water will get in and cause the fiber glass to crack. Does anyone know how I can patch it up so I can still use without having to get it profesionally done over so early in the season. Thanks

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    You have a hole in your hull and water is getting in?

    You can seal it up with marine epoxy, smooth it out and paint it. It wont be perfect but it is very small.

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    Any certain kind you recommend and how should i go about doing this thanks a lot. Someone reccomended 3M High Strength Repair Filler

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    If no one on the board knows the best epoxy for you, I am sure they will know at west marine.

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    If its deep into the fiberglass you'll need to fill it with a fiberglass filler. . . then gel/paint over that.

    Btw, fiberglass is waterproof and will float, leaving the fiberglass exposed to water will cause no harm as long as its filled.

    I have pics of when I repaired my hull if you need.


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