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    Water in the cone fixed

    I put on a new cone (not sure it was the cone though). Cleaned out all the old grease from inside the pump making sure to clean off the o-rings and then filled up the cone with grease. Came back from lake, no water....

    I think it was because of the grease that was in and around the o-ring letting water slip by the cone.

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    check it again next time you go out. if it is still leaking, you need to replace seals in the pump. Now you got me wanting to check my cone, i can't remember if I've ever checked it... cross fingers.

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    and those of you with billet cones on your impellers... make sure your o-ring is in place inside the cone. Been seeing a few lately where the o-ring is missing and people are filling their cones with water by overlooking this.

    if that o-ring is missing, think about the water velocity and pressure blasting thru the impeller cone past the driveshaft and dead-ending against the pump housing seals.

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