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    Smile Stage II Reliability and Positive Effects at High Altitude

    Currently at Lake Tahoe (6300 ft) with Stage I installed, I'm only gettitng around 7350 rpms. At sea level I'm at 8100rpms.

    By purchasing and installing Stage II, would my RPM's go up or stay the same? I understand that by without installing Stage II, I can pitch my impeller and add the Stage III supercharger. This would be great for riding only at 6300ft, but then when I go back down to Sea Level, I would have to make adjustments (injectors, impellers and such), which I don't want to do.

    So- Would you advise someone in my situation, who wants his ski to go 70mph in Tahoe to install Stage II? And because I will have friends and family ride the Stage II rxp, what are common problems, if any, by installing and riding the stage II. I ask this, cause the shop is 3 hours away.

    I have 50 hours on my Sea Doo and everything runs fine.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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    Pitch for sea level with the stage three and your rpm will have to suffer at Tahoe.

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    there are a couple of complete pumps for sale for $350, I would buy one and pitch it's impeller for sea level and the one on your ski now for high altitude. It only takes a few mintes to swap pumps. After you get your rpm's up to where they need to be at altitude, decide then if you want to do more.

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