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    Throttle Body on 2007 150 Speedster

    Can someone direct me to where this is located? I run salt away thru the engine, and use the xps lube on the engine but I can't find this part that it states to lube in the manual.

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    The throttle body is the place where the fresh air coming either from the supercharger (for S/C) or the air filter (for N/A) enters the engine, if you want to locate it, just ask somebody to activate the throttle repeatedly at off & full throttle, meanwhile check the engine, and you will see the throttle cable moving, the throttle cable is activating the air butterfly inside the throttle body. In other words...the place where the throttle cable is fixed on your engine is the throttle body.

    It is an aluminium tubular intake part, that is bolted to the plastic intake manifold, where the cable attach to to activate the throttle, it also got few sensors fixed on it, some of them to measure the intake air temperature (IAT), the throttle position sensor (TPS), actually you have to lube the pivot points where the cable connect to the throttle body,and usually they activate it manually to open the internal butterfly, and then spray a bit of lube inside the throttle body to lube it.

    Hope this helps, i'll try to post a picture from the service manual.
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    The photo in the manual points to a piece where it says remove the plastic part but I can't find it. I found the throttle simple enough but I looked and can't find the part they are referring to and the photo looks different than what is in my boat. So basically they are saying to lube the throttle cable?


    Throttle Body
    Lubricate throttle bodywith XP-S Lube
    or an equivalent.
    Use fitting for that purpose provided
    on the throttle body.
    Make sure to spray lubricant at least 3
    to 5 seconds for proper lubrication.
    1. Plastic cap"
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    The plastic cap they are talking about is a cap that could be removed to inject some lube into that port...i don't think this is on the 4tec i checked on my 05-06 Challenger/Sportster service manual, all they say is lubricate in and out the TB, only to squeeze the throttle a bit to open the butterfly, and to spray the inside of the throttle body bore and butterfly.

    And BTW....this mainly applies to peoples riding in salt water (same for the fogging) not really needed if you ride only in fresh water, but i'd lubricate the TB anyway....who wants a throttle cable or TB to seize in WOT...?
    Not me...!

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