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    Anyone interested in Arias/JR Custom forged pistons?

    I need forged pistons, and looking at the prices BRP wants, I feel dirty all over. So I did some digging around, and found having custom pistons made really isn't a big deal. I spoke with Arias, and JE, and they both can make custom forged pistons to fit our skis for a fairly reasonable price, especially If I can get 8 people or more interested. The various coatings and ring styles offered by JE are enormous, and I would love for someone to go through this with me, and help me decide what I would be best off getting, coating wise. See I'm getting a set anyway, but if theres enough interested, I'll buy a lot of them, and get with Jerry about selling them in the store.

    Looking at about $600 for Custom JE pistons with my choice of various types of piston rings, and coatings. This includes piston rings, and wrist pins. If I get 8 or more orders, I would get 25% off

    Now Arias said they could produce forged pistons for me for around $160/piston incl rings, and wrist pin. Now, If I can place an order of around 40 or more pistons (11 engines worth) I was told the discount is between 40-50%

    If anyone is interested let me know....
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    I'm interested in pistons speced for a turbo... and would love to know what their recommended clearances and bore sizes would be for a marine turbo running open loop.

    i was going to go stock one size over and have my friend build the motor and bore it for a turbo... but if you can find this for a real good price i'd be in on a buy..

    keep me posted

    jerry used to have JE pistons in the online store, and i believe Nils was selling them... not sure what happen with them, but heard sporadic ring issues with them which i believe were rectified?

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    Yes, the problems with them were rectified. In fact i have the lower compression JE pistons in my turbo motor right now. The one you were so kind to break in for me at mudbug

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