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    Dam to Dam run in Austin

    Hi all!

    I am planning on putting on a dam to dam run at Lake Travis in Austin in August. Wood's Fun Center used to host this event and they were fun.

    It's just a fun run covering all of Lake Travis. I have several dealers so far throwing in some stuff for the riders. The only catch is your have to be an AWA member, so sign up now!

    The run will start at Mansfield Dam and a turn around at Max Starke Dam. It's 63 miles each way, with plenty of fuel and fun along the way. The lunch spot will probably be Glostner Bend. For any info on the lake you can visit...

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    Water4fire's Avatar
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    May 2005
    New Braunfels TX.
    Im in. I'll just get signed up.
    Just tell me were.
    I have a lake house in spicewood beach. Nothing fancy, but would be willing to let some friends stay. Plenty of room.


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    Hi water!!!

    To join the AWA just go to the IJSBA site. or to I'm trying to figure out which weekend to hold the event in August as with school, my trip to DC in July and FL in Sept, I am still devoted to the sport. Hope you'll have room for three, I do clean up too! LOL!

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    Ok, the date is set now. I've cleared it with the Colorado Water Authority to have it on August 14th. Hope to see you all there! Bring out those RXP's and have lots of fun!

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    Lake Travis austin, TX
    Im in.
    count us for 3 ski's.
    I can help with maybe a pitstop area or something as well at marker 25 i think, the lagovista area. (I overlook pace bend park from my porch)and theres gas at briercliff marina and many other areas so people don't panic about the 60+mile trip. Theres alota go riding on travis, come out and ride My water. Ill share. LOL

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    Hey rapid!

    Glad to see you'll be joining in. I used to practice with the Outlaws at Pace Bend in Mudd Cove. You probably know some of the riders up there that I know. It's a small world.

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    Ok, just verified it with Chirs at the AWA. You can sign up online or even at the event. The annual membership to be an AWA member is only $24. and you get your ride magazine and other perks from them.

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    May 2005
    Lake Travis austin, TX
    ive acually met you before. Im one of the original outlaws.joined back when caroline was still racing and before she married braden. And race 1200 novice open offshore team with ejecto jake for the outlaw in 98-99. We won overall for the year novice 1200 team. Raced for ron's shop roguejets and gila constuction on his polaris pro785 in 2001 and quilifeid for havasu first season in closed coarse. Im even the one that itroduce floyd steven to jetskiing when i worked for him. Really small world isn't it. You probbly would reconize me when you see me. kinda stopped running bouys regularly i guess in 2001 but still stop by there about once a month or so. theres alota new face out there now, not many of the originals out there anymore. Still a cool group to ride with. Anyway you can definately count me and probley 2 other in for the funrun. beside it gives me a chance to show off my creation. the SC 4tec XPL.
    im the short guy between ejecto jake and limey rick.
    ive got a bunch of pics from that year on my site.

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    Ahhhh... cool!! I remember you! Yeah one thing I can say about running at Mudd Cove, it was a ton of fun. We had some great times out there and Braden was alot of fun to train with along with Mikey.

    I'll never forget my first time on the buoys, didn't know whether to go on with it or turn around and go home. But glad I stayed, even though I s*cked at first. I remember Braden leading me around the course for the first time. Think I may have gotten up to 40mph and slowed way before the buoy. But the main part is I learned and we all had fun!!

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    Forgot to add...Anyone that is interested in doing the run can reach me on email

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