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Thread: Please Help!!!

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    Please Help!!!

    I own a '04 RXP with a stage 2 kit.
    I was having over heating issues in WOT so I was checking for clogs in my powercooler. I read in the forum that Riva staff recommended using CLR to clear out build ups and said it doesnt harm the intercooler.
    I put CLR in the intercooler (where the water passes through) and let it sit for 30 minutes. When I went to flush it out I noticed that a little bit of water goes into the air passages, is this normal? I dont think it is and now I am wondering if there is a more economical replacement for this powercooler. I have seen the XS intercooler......Is my power cooler shot or can I still install it back on the ski? Please help!

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    your core is leaking if water gets into the air passages........let me guess you ride in saltwater

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    yea I ride in salt and freshwater. So intercooler not good anymore? What could i replace it with or find it...I want something that is as good as the current riva intercooler

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    yes it is bad, Riva will sell you a replacement for $700-$800 can't remember........I would contact Vern, I think he found a smaller XS(not as good as Riva) that will fit in the Riva bracket........or you can look at Piranha intercoolers(similar to Riva), they have anodized cores which helps protect against leaks when riding in saltwater.

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    I am looking into the XS intercoolers and I think that will be the way to go, but do you need an install kit for these things? If so where can I get one? Thank you all for your help!

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    Your Riva hardware may work w/ the xs cooler. I would try that first. You may need to get some different silicon couplers for the XS though. You can get them at

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