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    Red face JetSki Racing Safty Equiptment

    Racing safety equipment.. a friend of mine showed me this neck brace for sports racing. It is a little expensive but I wanted to share it with you guys anyway.. i didn't know exactly where to put it, i'm sorry if this is the wrong place.

    I have this brace and it works really good. I was in a accident on my ski almost a year ago and broke my neck (well fractured it in a few spots)

    This link isn't the only place to get it just the first link i found.

    Be safe guys... remember the helmet... and that a $90 helmet will only protect a $90 head.... get the better one.. but something is better than nothing....

    Ok.. I'm off my soap box now...

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    I actually think you're going to see more of these start popping up as the speeds get crazier and aftermarket parts go untested.
    I've been reading about a lot more high speed "get-off's" and I have to tell you, without the right protective gear-it's going kill some body...if it hasn't already.

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