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    Piston Problem With Pictures.. Help

    Many of you may have read recent post about pwctechs . com and myself and how I was ripped off.

    I finally had time to take out my rave valves. Now take into account this is the SECOND rebuild.. if you know the history.. He rebuilt my engine and stole my crank case and put one on it with a hole in it, and put a little putty on it so it would last a little while.. then he could blame me for it.. But either way.. He umm.. "rebuilt" it again, or so he said. When I got it back I rode it for a total of less then 10 mins and lost compression in the rear cylinder. THere has been a long battle with him.. If you search for my post or howard hamptons name or his website you will find more information.

    Now for the pics I took last night..
    Can anyone tell me exactly why this happend.. Or was it probably a chitty piston to start with.. I am going to replace the piston myself and try and fix what caused it.. You can also check at pwctoday for more info on this wonderful so called mechanic

    Thanks in advance

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    Not good...Pull cly off & take pics.

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    I know the pictures not the greatest.. lol.. my son had unplugged my heater in the garage, so it was cold last night.. I will be getting the head off soon and taking a better look, but I know its pretty messed up..

    And all that with less then 10 minutes of riding?

    Thanks again

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    Not good. It has a hole burnt in the ring land. He`ll blame it on no mix or if he really knows his stuff too rich. A rich condition is not enough oil in your mix or too much fuel to oil ratio.

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    Sad thing is I was there when the oil and gas was mixed.. he put it in himself, and even with both rebuilds he was suppose to have done, I never got a tank of gased used, never put any more in. So i know the gas was mixed correctly, unless he drained it and put in non mix gas.. probably so knowing what a hack he is..


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    This is a reply by Howard Hampton from PwC Techs:
    Well since the pistons are STD sized, it cant be the overbore that Howard Hampton at pwctechs did.
    Since the cylinders were not oversized, no need to worry about chamfering that Howard Hampton at pwctechs did.
    I see both rings on the piston so no snagging there so Howard Hampton at pwctechs is right there.
    I guess that leads to the air mixture or lack of lubrication.
    Now since the damage looks exactly like the original engine that you brought in, I would have to say OVERHEATING. Your oil pump is the failure. So Howard Hampton at pwctechs called it from the beginning when Howard Hampton at pwctechs did told you that the pump was the root of the problem and you still had Howard Hampton at pwctechs put it back on twice. You are the customer. I tried to warn you, but you were too smart for that.
    Why are you people threatening Howard Hampton at pwctechs with ropes and where's my address. Why are you not concerned with the truth. And the truth is:
    Howard Hampton at pwctechs did have the cases sent out to be repaired and thats what I got back. The material used, come to find out, was called Lab Metal. So all Howard Hampton at pwctechs saw was, what appeared to be a weld of metal. Not putty.
    So once this was brought to the attention of Howard Hampton at pwctechs by Jude Featherstone, Howard Hampton at pwctechs offered no excuses except for appologies and took the ski back in. Removed the engine and installed a completely different block and all for no extra money. Now most shops would honor there warranty but definetly would not do the R&R for nothing, but Howard Hampton at pwctechs did. I guess that is why he thinks I tried to screw him over. Maybe Howard Hampton at pwctechs should have charged him for the R&R.
    You say that you are going to rebuild the engine yourself this time. Howard Hampton at pwctechs bets that you change that pump this time. Or you will be back here blaming Howard Hampton at pwctechs for screwing your engine up for life or some other rediculous claim to that fact.
    Where are those court papers that you have been threatning Howard Hampton at pwctechs with for the last 4 months?

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