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Thread: Top End Rebuild

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    Top End Rebuild

    Does anybody know where I can get a not so expensive top end rebuild kit besides a seadoo site hat sells them..I have a 1997 xp..and also what caused the back part of the drive train to lock up because the crank in the motor is still it a bearing?..any informaion is appreciated

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    SEa-doo oem parts are expensive,If you replace pistons and rings,use OEM or good quality forged like wiseco,stay away from WSM and other discount pieces,it'll get you in long run.Dont scrimp on quality parts when building a rotax!!By back part of drive train do you mean pump, or pump shaft,A lot of 800s locked up because the balance shaft wasnt serviced.The bearings lock up,If its not the engine that is locked up,its the jet pump ,either someone changed the oil and didnt get oring or tailcone on properly,it filled with water and locked up,or at some time the thrust washer was pinched when impeller was changed.More sea-doo damage has been caused by really good mechanics who didnt know the dos and donts of sea-doo repair,but were great auto or boat mechanics.Thanks>Marvin
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    Its not the pump its the drivetrain that the propellar fits onto..thats the part thats ill have to take that back piece out correct and replace the bearings or rings that went on it right? that a hard job?..

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