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    Three Bond on inside of seal crank case...???

    Just a short question before I do this later today.

    When I do the casing sealing should I worry about the amount that gets squeezed to the inside of the motor when you put the casings together? What do you do to get it out? In the information Woody showed me it said to wait till it dries then take a razor blade to it to get it out. Is that possible? Or am I reading that wrong.

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    You should be able to rotate the crank and smooth it out with a Q-Tip. It takes a long time for 1211 to dry. Remember it only takes a very small amout. I just put a few drops on and then smear it with my finger to a very thin layer.

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    No problem with the 1211 in the cases. It won't hurt a thing. I like to put on the stuff and don't spare any.

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