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    R5Water-XRacing Releases Website!!

    ****Immediate Release****

    R5Water-XRacing is proud to announce the release of the R5Water-XRacing website for Region 5 Racing. "Flyin" Brian Smith and Jennifer Jeter have been hard at work to get the site ready. We are very proud of the website that we are able to provide to our Fellow Racers here in Region 5 and beyond.

    We beilieve this website is like none other in the United States within the PWC Racing community. The overall look and options within the website we believe will be VERY usefull to the Racers of today and tommorrow. We hope you enjoy the website and find it USER FRIENDLY and stay tuned to the website as we will be adding ALOT of new things to the website as we go forward.
    You can check out the website at

    Please let us know what you think of it, as we are open to any and all feedback and you can also give us feedback within the website as well.

    Thank you and we look forward to the 2008 Racing Season.

    "Flyin" Brian Smith
    Jennifer Jeter

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    Very nice web the colors

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    Very nice!

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