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Thread: prop questions?

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    Talking prop questions?

    I rode my skis yesterday and have the following questions? In my sig are my mods to date.

    GTX SC (non-ic)
    Great hole hook up on hole shot. Only turning 7350 rpm wot with 64 mph on a 13/20 untouched. 56 air, 48 water, 240 wt. 3,000 elevation. 25 % hum. 3/4 tank.How much do I need to bend the prop to get to 7550 or 7600?

    Rxp Same conditions as above with same rider with 3/4 tank. On top end perfect at 8100 rpm with 14/19 -1mm running 74.1 on gps. The first time I went out hole shot was perfect but yesterday with beter conditions if i nail the thrtle wot from idle I was banging the revde limiter for a second then once plane is ok. It even does the same thing with vts extension all the way down. Prop and wear ring brand new.
    My question is once I go to external IC and pro reduction nozle I will be Stage 3 except stock ECU. Which prop do I need to purchase? 15/20 or 15/19. Keep in mind that I ride any where from 2,200 to 3,000 foot which seems to decrease the rpms by some what?

    I appreciate any information.
    I want top end as I use for recreation use by also do not want to be banging the rev limiter. I am sure that the s3 is doing that as acceleration is unreal. Maybe since I have 3/4 tank gas compared to full tank and better cinditioins is way was doing that yesterday. 3 weeks ago on first ride with full tank was unbelievable hook up on hole shot. I just noticed that yesterday when hammered it from idle the prop was spinning and hitting the rev limiter. Once moving at any speed and wot it was fine and hooked up great. I know with new ic will need new prop so open to sugestions.

    Happy New Year!

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    My suggestions are to add 2 mm to the GTX prop and when it gets warmer you might have to add another couple mm.
    For the RXP go 15/20r and leave it untouched (atleast until you test it). In my experience the 15/19r 3 blade is really too much for the stock ECU unless you're looking more for acceleration than top end.

    Happy New Year Steve!

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