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    Don't cut the shaft, use an air chisel from inside the duct housing on the impeller, if you want to protect the impeller use a bearing spitter to saddle the shaft and then chisel on the bearing splitter, works great when all else fails, I tried everything over the course of weeks.

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    try putting some heat on the intermediate shaft...then pull,use a plumbers torch with a "B" bottle.A little heat goes a long way

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    Driveshaft siezed to intermediate shaft

    Im having similiar issue with my 2000 yamaha xl1200 xlt. Was wondering how difficult it was to take the coupler off the intermediate shaft, Also if the coupe is regular right handed thread?, Was wondering if the intermediate shaft is hollow but from what i have read it is. Want to try what you mentioned by taking off the coupler and try driving it out slowly.

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    Apply heat to the intermediate shaft then strike it with a hammer whilst levering the jet pump back with 2 crowbars. Apply heat with a portable plumbers torch. The type that has a screw in gas bottle. It took me 2 hours to release mine yesterday. Dont give up, it will go.

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