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Thread: Rail Clamps

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    Rail Clamps

    Anyone know where to get the clamps that hook on the rail of the seadoo ? Kind of the like the clamps that are on the cover or waterski holders that hook on the rail.

    I want to use the C clamps and hook them to a rachet to strap down gas tanks on the rear plank.

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    hmmmm....wonder where you got that idea kinch...hmmm....

    Cough, cough, Alaska ride, cough, cough....LOL good Idea tho!

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    I asked where they got the ratchets no one replied so I'm going to try to make them

    I've seen pictures of people doing it on the TN river just never asked.
    Maybe next time I'll track them down.

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    what about marina's that sell gas. Are they going out of style? Down here there are marina's everywere. I could't run out of gas if I tried. I have made some 30 40 45 mile runs and still had gas.

    Kinch all the performance that you are always looking for, now you want to stap gas on the back.

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    On the TN River all the marinas have 87 gas with some that have 89. The only way to cruise down it is to strap gas or you have to stick around your ramp nd bring gas on your trailer.

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    Why not carry octane boost? Smaller cans could fit in custom-made JB Weld holders

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    I used to carry octane boosters but there is still a heated debate about them and never seems to be a real clear answer on them. Except that you could use 2 brands but it's like 20 dollars a bottle. That would be like an 80 dollar tank of gas on the lake.

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