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    R&D Anti Cavitation Cone

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    i wouldn't waste your money.... if your prop is tuned right you shouldn't need an anti-cavitation cone

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    You donít need a longer cone to fill the space between nuzzle and the pump if you still using the wedge ?

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    Re: R&D Anti Cavitation Cone

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle;jsessionid=31JJFF50KDHZHLA0WTKSM4VMDK0 NKIV0?skuId=092020&store=Main&catId=50702&productI d=p092020&leafCatId=50702&mmyId=6700033

    Anyone hear about this ?
    This part are made for RXP or RXT ??

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    Should be both. There is no difference in the pump. Except the fins on the RXT I believe.

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    Cone Spacer

    R&D Cone Spacer work well in your setup? i am thinking to test the spacer or lager cone

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    It definately loads the pump up. It drops you about 50 rpm and you gain about a half a mph. I think it's a good gauge to see if you need a repitch. If you put it on and you drop to 8050-8100 you know you are right ont he money with your pitch. If you are still banging the rev limiter with it on you probably need to pull a mm out of your blades.

    With a wedge on, you have offset your pump it makes since to get the space back with a cone spacer. Makes even more since for it to be angled along with the wedge for water flow. I bet that's what the new cone does.

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    I am agreed with that. by the way you test your XS IC ?

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    Still dialing it in. I am running about 68 but having issues. I think I lost some rpms from overfilled oil and I have my 2.5 polished chrome tube in for my SC to IC. I think my 3 inch is pulling away too much boost. I don't have a SC wheel so my stock one is probably struggling to get air in it.

    I'll know more this weekend hopefully. I ran 68 with my wife on it and a completly full tank. I went to do solo testing and I was having oil issues and only running like 67 and my rpms were going down to 7900. Might have been the cone spacer too dropping me 50-100 under the performance threshold. air/water temps were same too 80 air 70ish water.

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    I hope that you finally find the way to get better speed and performance ?
    you cannnnnnn !!!

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