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    Removing sides and front hood

    I want to remove all of my viper red(yeah right) from my 2005. I took off the crome pieces on the side and then realized that the put rivets in. What is the best way to get this job done. I want to bring all the red pieces to a shop and have the painted. I don't own a rivot tool..should I buy one? Any info on taking the gauges out and any other red part. Thanks for the help


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    Drill the rivets out with a 3/16th drill bit. You will need a rivet tool to reinstall the pieces.

    The gauge pushes out from the back. Its pretty hard to push it thru.

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    for the gauges... Seadoo actually sells a tool for that, LMAO... but u can go buy the same thing more or less...

    suction cup with a handle... put it on one side of the gauge, pull... then go to the other side of the gauge and pull and she'll come right out

    or you can go from behind, that works too. Don't know what you're into ....

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