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    battery drain article ??

    I found this on a battery website. Any truth to this?? Polaris included??

    My PC625 PWC battery only lasted for one season. Why?
    Most models of Sea Doo (and some other brands of watercraft) experience an electrical load on the battery during storage, caused by a control module monitoring the lanyard socket. If the lanyard is left installed the electrical drain is 18 ma after 10 minutes of shutting down the engine. If the lanyard is removed, the electrical drain is 7 ma. These electrical loads are continuous and can accumulate to be significant over time. At 18 milli amps, the battery will lose 1 amp/hour of capacity in 55.5 hours or 10 amp/hours (Ah) in 23 days. On a PC 625, 10 Ah is 59% of battery capacity.

    A battery that has been deeply discharged via parasitic load is not covered by the manyfacturer's <warranty.htm>.

    Solution - for watercraft with an electrical drain always disconnect the lanyard from its socket when not riding the watercraft. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery when the watercraft will not be used for 3 weeks or more. A simplified method of disconnect is to install Hella Products P/N 87181 waterproof battery switch.


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    MFD's are the largest drain on most of the Polaris PWC.
    I keep all my stuff on trickle chargers designed to cycle the battery.

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