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Thread: Quality issues

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    Quality issues

    I love the SeaDoos and that is why I am here. With that being said, I would like to get some feedback as to why there is such a reputation issues as far as the skis needing constant repair. I went to a dealership yesterday that sold both the yahmaha and the Doos. The salesman was pushing the Yahmahas and said that there are just too many problems with the SeaDoos. He explained the hole issue abouth the factory moving to mexico etc.. etc.. He even went so far as to say they dont even take Sea Doos on trade ins despite the fact they sell then new. There was also a guy there picking up some skis that runs a rental place and said he will never buy another SeaDoo cause of all the issues they have and he just cant afford to have them in the dhop all the time.

    I am not trying to bash the SeaDoo. In fact I am 80% sure I will have one in the next couple weks. I just keep hearing so much about the reputation problems. I mean, I expected to here it from the Yamaha dealers but from a dealer that sells both? That took me by suprise. Can anyone fill me in on what the probelms in the past were and if they still exist. There has to be a flipside to this story.

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    Because whenever you modify something - it has issues - most people don't leave their stuff stock - seadoo outsells all other brands, therefore more people take them and modify them -

    There are always a few skis that are junk out of the box, sea doo sells the most skis, so you hear about them more.

    I'd go w/ honda :-p

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    Welcome to the board. Just as with anything else, opinions are opinions. Take them with a grain of salt - especially from dealers. The new Sea-Doo 4 strokes are very reliable as are all the other manufacturers' 4 stroke skis. Reliability of these skis in stock form should not enter into the equation regarding your decision to buy or not. Ride em all and make your decision based on your likes and dislikes.

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    I cant really find an RXP or RXT to rent so I an test them out. The dealers nearby are not near the lake so I dont know were I can test drive.

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    Chris: welcome to the forum! I agree with all of the above, with that said, find what You like and go from there. There is warranty issues and repair issue with more manufactures than just seadoo. Alot of upgrades have improved the seadoo for 06, while there are lots of earlier machines running trouble free. Like Franco said, many opinions, keep in mind that alot of riders leave their machines totally stock, and some go from slight bolt on`s to balls out crazy HP. So you have to be comfortable with your decision. Any machine kept maintained will run smoothly for a long time regardless of brand. If you get the itch to mod, then you have to either rely on yourself to wrench or rely on shops which also play a role in the so called issues. Sh!t happens, you just try and minimize down time. Good Luck and happy shopping!...PR...

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    Seadoo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda.... They all suck

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    Shibbs is right, they all suck one way or another. The new seadoos with the 4 tecs seem rock solid except for the supercharger clutches that go out. Yeah maybe warranty will cover it but how many times will it go out and how do you know the mechanic working on it is going to do it right so you're not left stuck out in the middle of the ocean. I think it's major to have to pull the engine out to fix it.

    With the yamahas I've only had minor issues, like a sensor or something making beeping noises. That's it. Nothing major at all. They won't breakdown unless you do something to break them. Like water and ingestion and stuff.

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    The Yamis suck because they don't make a four stroke that can break 60 mph (yawn!) while that R1 motor is racing along at 10K rpms...

    Honda sucks because they are so mediocre.. in so many areas.

    Kawasaki's ride hard and the manufacterer makes no effort to rise to the potential they possess.

    Sea-doo clutches (enough said)...

    Yeah, they ALL suck alright!

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