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    Recall Central (Kawasaki Australia)

    I just got a recall letter from Kawasaki today of 4 recalls, 3 of which relate to my 250. (I'll scan and PDF it tomorrow at work so you can see it word for word)

    The 4 recalls listed on the notice are:
    DBB050A - Throttle lever / handle bar pad clash preventing full throttle closure. (parra phrased my me)

    DBB041A/042A - On some affected units, the supercharger may be damaged by seawater ingestion throught the handle cover air intake wile running. (word for word including typo)

    DBB030A - Spark plugs over tightened at factory causing insulators to crack and sparkplug malfunction (parra phrased my me)

    DBA710A - Seawater in the ignition switch may cause battery discharge or ignition switch malfunction (parra phrased my me)

    My 250 (and everyone elses i guess) is eligible for DBB050A, DBB041A/042A and DBB030A

    All I have to do is contact the dealer and and book the ski in for modification "free of charge"

    Now I've heard for the DBB050A before in a previous thread but DBB041A/042A and DBB030A are news to me, has anyone seen them before?

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    Please use the resources we have here.

    No need to do all that work, we all ready have the information but if you like you could scan it so we could see it from down under. I imagine its going to be upsidedown to us. Joke!

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    I was at my dealer yesterday for a battery for my girlfriend's Ninja and started talking to the guys about the recalls and they said that there were four coming down the pipe. If the recalls are coming then Kawi is working issues out, so hopefully they will figure out the GIO and we will all be happy. We all have to remember we bought the first run of a new model.

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    RD has a $400 fix for GIO. Owners paying for it thats another issue.

    RXP's had/have first, second etc year issues with the ceramic supercharger clutch blowing up etc.

    In only three years I dropped a valve in my first year RXP.

    Perhaps said valve dropped because the RXP in the chop gets a lot of air time?

    Not a concern for the Ultra.

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    I guess me saying mine hasd been flawless is unfair. Sure I race mine all over the US but I also have advanced mainttanance skills that allowed me to maintain a smooth operating machine.

    I sure if I followed the Kawi recomended service schedule that mine would have also blown a rod bearing.

    I wonder if the guys that did have a failure ever use a fully synthetic oil or the recommended Kawi Oil.

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