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    Advice needed from the big dogs, Lets talk Head work!

    I currently have an OEM head with the following items listed to be installed.

    RR Lightened Valves
    Riva Double Springs w/Seats & Reatainers
    Oil Jets

    My questions are:

    1) How much would I gain from a lightened RR camshaft at this point with these supporting mods?? I would think alot, since my entire valve train would be stronger and lighter, what could I rev this to then?? 9k? 9.5k??

    Whats the profile like on this camshaft? How radical is this thing cut. Is the bike race only pretty much at this point, and run like a bucking spitting bronko? Or is it still fairly well mannered until you get on it? Or enough so to be a chillin cruiser, with wide open spurts?

    2) How well does this head flow OEM? IE what kinda gains have been seem from porting & polishing? Not Alot? I would imagine, especially since its forced induction its usually difficult to make a noticeable improvement through porting and polishing through forced induction.

    3) Anyone sent a head in for that 3 angle CNC valve job on eBay for $250? I have an opportunity to purchase a lightweight RR camshaft for a decent price is why I asked, about bang for the buck, how do I make the best head for this thing?

    4) What is the advantage of the copper headgasket over the OEM one?

    5) Has anyone used arp head studs, and have they had good or bad luck with them? They are ARP, but with my s2000, people have had bad luck with the ARP head studs...

    Basically just looking for opinions on what to do headwork wise.... Any and all experience/stories/ and advice are appreciated.... Thanks.

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    while you have the head off a block guard and arp head insurance ...maybe a mild clean up on the i know it... that is all you need to do ... boosted motors dont rely on porting nearly as much as naturally asperated ones ...boosted motor port jobs usually just involve hogging them out ..I dont recommend this ..unless you have a spare head to cut apart to see how thick everything is .....just do a gasket match and smooth any casting marks out ..let it screem longer duration cams are liked by boosted motors ...

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