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    Please Help With Sirius Marine Antenna Install?

    Does this look familar to anyone? I need to find out what type of marine antenna to buy to run this sirius satellite reciever.

    Its a Milennia Marine Sirius Radio

    It has 2 antenna ports

    One says terestrial and the other says satellite

    They are a little different in shape though

    I believe this is an older style receiver so do I need some type of splitter/adapter so I can run the new style sirius marine antennas?

    Does anyone have this reciever?

    Here are some pics of the antenna ports and the unit

    Thanks for any info...
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    Not sure what exactly you are asking, and I don't want to sound like a smart *ss, but teristrial (spelling) is free radio (AM/FM). SAT would be what you are paying between 10 and 14 dollars a month for.

    I prefer SAT.


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