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    installing shaft in pump question

    when installing the shaft in my new pump (for a 1300r) the shaft would spin so easily and freely (no resistance) but now that shaft is in place and fills the holes in the oil seals there seams to be a lot more resistance turning the shaft. I think this is because how tight the oil seals are, but seams a bit too tight. Is this supposed to be this way? i don't want to lose power from pump resistance, any Ideas?? thanks

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    I've just had a similar experience, I just upgraded my 03 GP1300R to an 05 Pump and Dynafly... I had the local Yamaha dealer press the pump onto the shaft for me (as I don't have a press at home)... the old pump spunn freely on the shaft, when I got it back, the new pump had resistance as well.

    I suspect partly due to the grease etc being packed into the bearing... I took the ski out for a run, hoping to pull the pump off and find it is now spinning freely... Otherwise I'm not sure what it could be, as the pump looks to be pressed on correctly.

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    If the bearings were pressed in straight, then what you are feeling is the new bearings. Sometimes you will do more damage pulling them apart over and over than what you started with. See the faq section from Duke, on a quick way to put the pumps together.

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