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    SL900 Electrical Issues

    Ok, I dont know much about these, but I do know that I am not getting any spark from my plugs. I have full voltage coming from the board into the CDI, but nothing out of any of the wires from the CDI to the Ignition Coil. Are there any more checks I should perform to be 100% positive it is the CDI? Where can I get a new CDI, and should I replace the stator too? How do I check to see if the stator is bad? Thanks

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    Have you verified that the kill switch (tether switch) is not the problem?

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    Drew Welcome to the Hulk.

    Read here>>

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    Kill Switch?

    How do I do that?

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    The stop switch grounds blk/yellow wire to CDI.disconnect it from the board,try to start.

    Do the stator tests as Beerdart recommends,usually causes no start. There is an updated ignition system sold,comes with stator and CDI.
    Make sure of which version you are working on, they will measure different.Updated system has a CDI with # 4010447 written on it.

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    If this were my ski I'd split the electrical box and see if it has the new CDI (data port on the side of the unit).
    If not, just order the update kit and be done.
    I know it should be properly tested BUT it's a 900 and you're going to replace the kit at some point, may as well be now as opposed to on the water somewhere while you or your family are having fun.

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