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Thread: United 93

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    United 93

    I saw the movie last night. Excellent in my opinion and very well done. Even though we all know how it ends I was kept in suspense until the very end. I'd recommend everyone go see it.

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    Yup, great movie!!!

    terrorist spiters

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    I heard that some of the guys that played the terroists are having some trouble now and were not allowed to go to the premier.

    Apparantly some people don't realize they are actors even though they are of middle eastern decent. In fact one or two have dual citizenship between Iraq and either US or UK, I cant remember.

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    I worked the site after the first bombing. I'm an electrician by trade. Too upsetting to go back for the second hit. I can't sit thru a movie like that. Kinda gets to ya....... very sad...

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    The country needs a good wake up call, reality check and reminder of the evil that was displayed on 9/11. Too many people have forgotten IMHO. The movie does a very tasteful job of this.

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