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Thread: Running Costs?

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    Question Running Costs?

    [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']Hi guys, I知 new to what seems a great and informative site, I wonder if some of you seasoned veterans can help me with some advice.[/FONT]
    [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']I have a little boat experience and already know that anything to do with the water costs $$$$$$$痴, I知 now about to dip my toe into the PWC game and hope you guys can prepare me to a rough guess of what running costs will be. I知 hoping to purchase a new FX HO or money allowing a SHO. Apart from the obvious fuel costs what approximately are the running costs going to be say every 10hrs and every 100hrs, for example servicing, consumables, typical breakages. I知 sure you know what I知 getting at; any help will be most appreciated.[/FONT]

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    I don't own an fxho, But one of the guys I ride with daily has an 04 cruiser he bought new. It has 185 hours currently. One of the most dependable skis ive ever seen.

    As far as maintainence. He changes oil and filter and plugs once a year(our riding season is 7 months) He does the work himself now.About $35-40 for parts. But, before that i believe it was @ $100+/- for the dealer to do it.

    It gps'd new at 59.7mph and has remained at that speed going on 4 years now. Did squeek a 60.5 out of it this fall. Maybe cooler air or he didnt eat for a few days

    Only issue he has had is the plastic nut and gasket for the reverse cable through the hull loosened up and let some water in. Dealer found problem and fixed under warranty. Was back on the water in 3 days.

    You won't be dissapointed in the fxho if you're looking for a comfortable,dependable, low maintainence ski. You may be a little dissapointed if you ever try to race an rxp/rxt,gp1300(unless its 3ft chop, then we're your bitch) or even an ultra 250 when it's not broken.

    As far as the fxsho. Sounds promising. New hull,new engine platform. Said to be a 66-67mph stock ski in the tests so far. It is way under tuned. If the aftermarket can increase the available power. It's going to be a monster. If not. It's going to be an ultra 250 with better paint,LoL

    Only time will tell...
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    Thanks Kamikaze I appreciate it, anyone else with any comments or forecasts please add.


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    Andykfx, Welcome to the board! Yes this is an awesome site!

    just to add a few:
    also keep in mind: impeller (prop) and wear ring. although stainless, if you injest rocks or enough sticks/twigs/shells/sand and whatnot you could wind up replacing them.
    Spark Plugs, another item depending on what type and brand. just like your outboard or inboard engines. some change anywhere between 50-100 hours...
    Pump maintanance: requiring grease or oil changed at specific hours or when water intrusion is suspected.
    and your normal birage of cleaners and waxes and care items to keep your ski looking like new.
    and Fuel: depending on your riding style, a 15gal tank could last you the day`s ride, or if your out from dawn to dusk you could burn up 2-3 tank fulls when on long rides or organized events...PR...

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    Thanks Pale Rider, from the comments both you and Kamikaze have said gives me a little more peace of mind going into the PWC ownership, I know from past experience that boats can cost a small fortune to own, it appears as my thoughts imagined that generally a Ski should be a little cheaper to own.
    Thanks again guys.

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    I didn't see insurance$ have you figured that in yet? Z

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