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    New intake grate opinions for 06 RXT

    Ok not even 5hrs on the craft yet and Im already itching for mods. First mod Im looking at is an intake grate. Is there any difference between the R&D and Riva grates in terms of performance? Also I've read that an aftermarket intake grate may lower your top-end speed, will I see that with a grate from either R&D or Riva?

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    I have used both grates and both are good but I believe the R&D does scrub a little off top end.The fins one it are a little wider.Both help stop cavitation on take off and really hold ski in water well. My preferance would be the Riva.

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    I have the R&D Aquavien grate, and am very happy with it. this is on my GTX SC which is the same hull. I can`t say if it lost speed, bc I`ve add improvements which yielded in gains in speed. I can say, it stays hook in the chop...PR...

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